July 4th and the Assault on the DNA of the USA

July 4th is usually a festive holiday in America, in which we celebrate the courage and wisdom of our ancestors who, against overwhelming odds, separated themselves from a tyrant. I have fond memories of 4ths of July gone by. Never once was the survival of the nation, which sprang forth from the Declaration of Independence, a matter of doubt or concern.

But this July 4th – 2018 – is different. This year our country is “governed” by a new tyrant, on whose authority (which derives wholly from We the People), he and his minions systematically dismantle the rule of law, kidnap and abuse children, conspire with our enemies, antagonize our allies, and serve only the interests of the rich and powerful.

We are long past the time for benefits of the doubt, and for the everyday courtesy we might otherwise extend to those with whom we disagree. The danger is clear, present, and existential. Those who support him share full responsibility and accountability for his assault on the DNA of the USA.

July 4, 2018 will therefore not be a day of celebration for me. It will be a day of mourning, for all that has already been so eagerly surrendered by imposters who call themselves Americans. It will be a day of contemplation, both on the courage and wisdom of our ancestors who created this nation, and on the courage and wisdom required of all good people, here and now, to rescue this nation from the shadow of evil that darkens our once bright and hopeful, 242-year-old exercise in human dignity and human rights.

John B Lane

June 27, 2018


John Lane